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Acrylic Powder (White) 2oz Jar Or 16oz Refill Bag

Acrylic Powder (White) 2oz Jar Or 16oz Refill Bag

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Meticulous Manicurist Acrylic Nail Powder in Crystal Pink. This premium product offers superior quality and adhesion, making it the top choice for professional nail technicians and students. The Crystal Pink acrylic powder is formulated to create the perfect consistency bead that can be effortlessly placed and moved to where needed most. Best cost per application compared to other artificial nail products. Get over 40 applications compared to 15 applications of gel products. The beautifully designed glass jar is eco-friendly and can be refilled with the 16 oz bio-friendly refill bag, making it an environmentally responsible choice. The product will not run and stays where you put the bead. The acrylic powder is easy to work with, as it is quickly absorbed by the liquid to form the ideal consistency, enabling you to create flawless nails easily. The quick drying time ensures the product is dry and ready for filing, saving you valuable time during the nail enhancement process. Its exceptional durability and adhesion to the nail plate place the Crystal Pink Acrylic Powder in high demand. This product utilizes cutting-edge technology that makes it more flexible than other brands of acrylic, allowing it to bend slightly without becoming brittle.

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