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Acrylic Liquid 4oz or 16oz

Acrylic Liquid 4oz or 16oz

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Meticulous Manicurist introduces the game-changing acrylic liquid monomer - the go-to choice for nail technicians seeking unparalleled results and client satisfaction. With this professional-grade formula, you can create stunning sets of acrylic nails easily, in record time, without compromising quality or durability. What sets our acrylic monomer apart is its HEMA-free composition, ensuring that it won't run into the cuticle area or cause any lifting when applied correctly. The formula is effortless to apply, allowing you to achieve your desired shape with minimal filing required. This feature saves you time and ensures that your clients leave with nails that look and feel natural. Using Meticulous Manicurist's acrylic monomer in your salon will enable you to decrease your service times and increase your clientele. With our product, you can fit more clients into your schedule, ultimately increasing revenue. Say goodbye to inferior acrylic liquid monomers and hello to the superior quality and ease of use that Meticulous Manicurist provides. Give your clients the gift of perfect nails that are long-lasting and beautiful with our professional-grade acrylic liquid monomer. Meticulous Manicurist Liquid Monomer comes in a starter 4 oz and a refill 16 oz bottle.

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